Deep Inderjot Kaur (Chiara) possesses an inclination for reflection, sharpened by many years spent in the Middle East. This, combined with her curiosity, keen observation of human behavior, and great love of animals and nature brought her to the practice of yoga, which has finally fulfilled her inner search.

Chiara, how did you first come to know yoga?

In the early 1990s, driven by a sense of gratitude for all things life had given to me and willing to seek the truth in me, I set my sight on yoga. The meeting with a Hatha Yoga teacher started my way, and after years of this practice, I continued my journey through Kundalini Yoga, which lastly led me to teaching, always inspired by that desire to share the gifts received.

What is your approach to yoga?

I observe myself in relation to the whole, and through practice make experience of it, in order to widen my awareness and prosperity.

 What do you think is fundamental in yoga practice?

The desire for research and love for life are the basis for developing the humility and consistency necessary for learning. Attitude to discipline paves the way for change.

 What’s your favorite asana – or practice – (if you have one)?

Through constant listening I turn my practice where I recognize the necessity to restore a balance, and according to this I choose specific Kundalini yoga kriyas (set of exercises) and meditations.

 What do you look for in a yoga studio?

Welcoming, professionalism, sense of sharing, harmony.

 What would you advise to someone trying yoga for the first time?

Be curious and simple in your approach to yoga, go with the flow of the experience, and if you really want to take all the benefits that yoga can offer, through practice, listen and observe what your deeper needs are, and with confidence, develop your commitment accordingly.

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