Pilates Matwork

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In Pilates the guiding principles of eastern disciplines (harmony and movement control) merge with modern western science in the fields of physical recovery, fitness, sensory and postural stimulation. Pilates is a holistic form of gymnastic in which the goal is for mind and body to be activated jointly in every exercise. All muscular groups are stimulated, at time in unusual combinations, with an especial focus on the lower part of the torso ( abdomen and buttocks).

The majority of exercises do not require any props, beside a matt. However, it is possible to utilize small and large equipments specially designed for pilates. The exercises are complex but that same time smooth, without any harsh movements or impact, which makes pilates appropriate for all students.




Giusi first encounter with yoga happened at the age of 11, thanks to a magazine. She was very fascinated by it and had fun replicating the asanas portrayed on the pages. Since then, she always intended to start practicing, until the day that, after moving to Florence, one night she woke up and told herself: “tomorrow I will join a yoga class”. So she did. The next day she started practicing and never stopped. She practiced on different levels with various teachers, until the day that her eagerness to learn led her to formal teacher training. To this day,  she continues to further her knowledge and is working towards the recognition of TYT500 and a specialization in Anukalana Yoga. Meanwhile, she has deepened her studies of the body-mind relationship with the study of Pilates and the practice of Vipassana and Tantric meditation.