Faq reiki training

How many levels are there in a Reiki Healer training?

Traditionally, there are three levels of the Reiki Healer training.

Level 1 Training and Initiation: You will learn to facilitate self-healing and how to practice on those with whom you are familiar in order to calibrate your understanding of energetic healing. This weekend session is an extremely thorough and deep experience, which is why it is spread over two days.

Level 2 Training and Initiation: You will learn Reiki Healing symbols to use in your practice. Detailed initiations and instructions on how to work with the general public, codes of conduct, and business ethics are taught in this course. A Reiki Level 2 Healer is able to practice Reiki professionally. It is recommended that in order to understand one’s intuitive self-healing capacity, the Level 2 training can be completed three to six months after the Level 1 training, given the individual is regularly practicing self-healing.

Level 3 Training and Initiation: Level 3 is called the Reiki Master Level. The initiations and information taught in this course enable the individual to train others at the professional level. Reiki Master courses may be completed six to twelve months after completing Level 2.

Who is leading this course?

This training is facilitated by Jen Warakomski. She is a Certified Reiki Master Healer, and E500 Level Certified Yoga Teacher, with over seventeen years of experience in the holistic health field. She offers classes, training, and private Reiki and Yoga sessions in Firenze, Italy. Jen also leads international retreats, training, and courses in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Is there a Level 2 Course planned so I can continue to study?

There will be a Level 2 Course announced for the Spring 2019.

What is the structure of the day?

The training consists of lecture, discussion, practicing Reiki hand positions, and the Reiki Energetic attunements the Reiki Master gives to the Reiki students.

There is a 1.5-hour break for lunch.

Students are welcome to bring their own lunch or leave to have lunch.

How do I get there?

Radici Yoga is located at via Guelfa, 116. Parking is available nearby at Fortezza di Basso; there is also a garage in Piazza del Crocifisso. The Santa Maria Novella train station is 10 minutes by foot, and the Fortezza tramvia station is less than 5 minutes by foot.

I have never experienced Reiki Healing before, is it okay that I attend this course?

Yes, you are welcome to attend this course as it is the primary introduction to the theory, history, techniques, and practices. It is a very expansive and empowering training that will illuminate your true potential and reveal the science of energy healing.

I have another question, where do I find the answer?

Please complete the contact form here with your question and Jen will get back to within one business day.