Make Up Policy


Your full participation and attendance in the teacher training is strongly recommended. This is a commitment that you have made to furthering your development and education. However, life and circumstances take priority, and we are as reasonable and as flexible as we can be with our students. Whether planned or unplanned, life happens and students do miss a module of a training. This is not a problem. Makeup arrangements are subject to our discretion. We support all our students to successfully complete the program in order to meet the Yoga Alliance requirements.


If you miss part or all of a training session, you will need to make up the hours in another comparable assignment, course, or program in order to complete the Yoga Alliance requirements. The program hours and curriculum are specifically designed to meet these requirements, therefore being late and leaving early counts as missing part of a training session. If you have no need for a certificate of completion and are attending the course for learning only, no make up hours are required.


We do facilitate peer groups and mentorship guidance in the training, so that you may receive the notes and assignments you may have missed. Generally, we are able to offer you a space in another training program in order for you to make up missed time. In such a case, you may attend a portion or module of another program at a highly discounted rate. However, there will be a reasonable fee associated with attendance.