Giusi first encounter with yoga happened at the age of 11, thanks to a magazine. She was very fascinated by it and had fun replicating the asanas portrayed on the pages. Since then, she always intended to start practicing, until the day that she started and never stopped.

Giusi, how did you first come to know yoga?

I first discovered yoga when I was a young girl, thanks to an insert in one of my mother’s magazines. I liked to repeat the asanas that were shown on those pages and I was fascinated by the idea that there are people who spent their time putting their bodies into these strange positions!

What is your approach to yoga?

Mine is a gentle but at the same time disciplined approach. In practice I try to gradually get my body used to the asanas, letting the breath soften my body when necessary, so that the energy of the practice can spread uniformly throughout my body and mind. Thanks to the study of Anukalana I am learning to integrate the soft movements of Qi-Gong and Tai Chi to the traditional ones of asanas and vinyasa, and I try to make the practice a real moving meditation.

What do you think is fundamental in yoga practice?

I believe consistency is fundamental. Always practice. Even just a few minutes a day, can lead us to feel deeply the benefits of this wonderful discipline. But also not taking ourselves too seriously and learning to surrender should not be underestimated!!

What’s your favorite asana – or practice – (if you have one)?

My favorite asana is probably Camatkarasana, or Wild Thing pose, or Wilderness. I love all the heart opening poses and back bends. I love the feeling of being completely open towards the Universe but with my feet still grounded on the earth. I also like Diirghapranam very much, even if it is slightly ‘the opposite of the Wild Thing. Here I really like the feeling of devotion and abandonment that spreads in the heart.

What do you look for in a yoga studio?

I look for courtesy, friendliness and warmth! I would like a place where smiles never fail, where you always feel at home, and where beyond practice everyone can be free to be who they want.

What would you advise to someone trying yoga for the first time?

Place your feet on the mat, close your eyes, smile and let go of all expectations! Why expect something from a practice that can always be different and can offer us something different every time we practice it? Smiling, having fun and letting go are the things that I think everyone should try to practice on the mat, from the beginner to the advanced practitioner.


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