Meet our teachers – NICCOLO’ PAPAROZZI

Meet our teachers – NICCOLO’ PAPAROZZI

Currently enrolled in a YogaTeacher Training at the Himalayan School, Niccolò’s practice combines his love for body movement and asanas with a desire for self awareness and breathing exercises, pranayama. Niccolò has been studying yoga for more than 10 years focusing on Integral Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Lino Miele and his followers, on the Himalayan tradition of Hatha Yoga, and on Ashtanga flow.

Niccolò, how did you first come to know yoga?

My good friend brought me to an Ashtanga yoga class one, and in that occasion I met a man that became one of my Master.

What is your approach to yoga?

I define my approach to yoga as holistic because it embraces all yoga practices I know in order to bring harmony to body, mind and spirit.

What do you think is fundamental in yoga practice?

I believe listening to ourselves is the most important thing we need to bring on the mat with us, the capability to accept ourselves without having  too many expectations.

What’s your favorite asana – or practice – (if you have one)?

My favourite asana is Shirshasana because it leads us into a state of concentration and meditation. It helps us gain a different point of view towards the inside and the outside of us.

What do you look for in a yoga studio?

In a yoga studio I look for a warm welcome, human warmth and professionalism.

What would you advise to someone trying yoga for the first time?

I suggest him/her not to try too hard, not to have too many expectations, and instead to listen to the body and breath enjoying the overall flow of the lesson.


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