New students


Each class begins with a meditation to help calm the mind and smooth the breath. The instructor will then lead you through a short warm-up followed by the core part of the class which emphasizes connecting the breath with each asana. The class will end with a cool-down and a final relaxation (svasana).

Mantras and pranayama may be introduced at the begining or end of class.
Modifications will be offered based on the needs of the student.


• Arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete the new student form. After that, arrive at least 5 minutes early to give yourself time to transition from your day and into your practice.
• Dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothes.
• Let the instructor know if you have any injuries, health conditions or physical restrictions.
• Yoga mats are provided, but we encourage you to bring your own mat or       purchase one from our boutique. You can leave your mat at the studio.
•Practice on an empty or light stomach.


‣ Turn off your cell phone.
‣ Leave your shoes at the door.
‣ Avoid wearing perfumes/scents as others may be allergic.
‣ Please do not leave in the middle of Svasana. We recommend that you stay for the entire class but if you must leave early, please leave prior to svasana.
‣ Smile!