The Breath Journey: A workshop with Nadine Ruiter

The Breath Journey: A workshop with Nadine Ruiter

During The Breath Journey you will be guided to breathe through your physical, emotional and mental layers to end up re-connected with your True Self. By practicing a simple, natural accessible breathing technique you will experience how powerful and self healing your own breath is!  Your breath brings you in the here and now.  It will improve your health and much more…

Radici Yoga, The Breath Journey: a workshop with Nadine Ruiter

The Breath Journey: a workshop with Nadine Ruiter

Date: Saturday, January 23, 2016
Time: 10:00-13:00
Cost: €35

Benefits of this Breath Journey

  • Benefits of this Breath Journey
  • Re-connect with your body and natural breath flow
  • Reduce stress, depression and anxiety
  • Efficient release of toxins (good detox!)
  • Freedom of expression
  • Letting go of control, tension and suppressed emotions
  • Experience space in your breath, body and lift
  • Support the process of inner growth
  • Overall feeling of joy, inner peace and relaxation

Content of this workshop

Meditation and breath observation
Yin Yoga to stimulate opening in the chest and hips
Tips on how to become more aware of your breathing + home practices
The Breath Journey: an inner journey on the rhythm of you own breath
A powerful, unique and transformational experience

Nadine Ruiter is a certified breath coach, yoga teacher and international workshop facilitator.  In all her workshops she shares her passion and inspiration full of enthusiasm in a loving and professional way, welcoming people of all ages, and backgrounds.  The focus in all of her workshops is working with the transformational power of the breath.

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