Many people wait for January to start a detox diet, purifying their body after the holidays. However, In Ayurveda Autumn in the first period to begin caring for yourself. Of the three doshas that guide our energies –  kapha, pitta, vata – it is Vata that dominates the Autumn period. è Vata che domina il periodo autunnale.

Between October and February, Vata’s qualities of freshness, dryness, irregularity, and change are amplified by what is happening outside.

Given that Vata governs movement, the nervous system, and the elimination system of our bodies, it’s not surprising that we feel worn out – our bodies and minds are overloaded!!!!

Let’s try some homemade herbal teas!

Try these combinations:
  • equal parts licorice, ginger & cinnamon
  • equal parts fennel seeds, corriander, and cardamom
  • equal parts cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon


*Thanks to our teacher Violante Binazzi for this wonderful post! Come practice Vinyasa & Ashtanga with Violante – find her classes on the schedule page!